New Beginnings

I am a heavy, heavy believer in fate. Looking back on the past 22 years of my life, everything has worked out in such a specific way with the most perfect timing. It may not have always seemed perfect at the time, but I know that things have worked out for the best. So of course I shouldn’t be surprised that finding a job would be one of those same ole’ situations.

I have been performing the arduous task of finding a job since January. As soon as my final semester started I polished my resume until it shined and sent it out to every possible job opening from Careerbuilder to Craigslist. I went on four different interviews in the past five months, all without any results.

Honestly, I was really feeling on the verge of giving up and accepting my career at the place where people come to “build something together”. Around this same time I felt alone, having all but  lost touch with my closest friends from school, and I needed new people to just go relax with and have a good time. I reached out over the Internet to a ladies book club that recently started in Brentwood, Tenn. The “Ladies Who Lit” gave me something positive to look forward to, and some hope of forming long-lasting friendships.

At the first club meeting I met Jenn who, like myself, is a recent college grad seeking employment that is even remotely related to her communications background. I also met Mandy, a fabulous mother-of-two, who works for the American Heart Association. We started discussing just how relentless Jenn and myself had been about sending resumes and emailing potential employers, and Mandy suggested a recruiting agency in Brentwood called Apple One. She worked for them after she graduated college and she emphasized the importance of having someone market you to employers.

I was nervous at first to contact the agency because I really hate the idea of taking on unstable temporary positions, but I was feeling like there really was no other avenue I had yet to explore, so I took a chance. When I went to my interview at Apple One I was greeted with beyond helpful staff who really made me feel like they cared about my success. I mentioned that I knew Mandy and the staff immediately took a great interest in finding me a position. One staff member introduced me to another who happened to know of a great direct hire position in Hendersonville, Tenn. that was doing interviews that week.

I had my Apple One interview last Monday. They called me Tuesday morning for my interview with Bailey Special Risks, Inc, where I would be a General Assistant. I had my interview Tuesday afternoon, and I got a call from Apple One Wednesday morning offering me the job. I now have a full-time job with amazing hours and better pay, all because I wanted to reach out to new people, made a great new friend, took a chance on something out of my comfort zone and succeeded in finding a great job.

It is amazing to me how life has a way of working out, and I am so glad that it does.



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